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Ok! Let's talk about some sweet-ass ghosts! But first, we've got to ask a quick question, that question being: What is a ghost? Well, many people would define them as "roaming vapours". but that doesn't make much sense, does it? really all it's saying is that "gasses but will moving around". it is true that, ghosts are mainly empty space, but that shouldn't define them, should it?. let's ask again, but this time with a different tone. What is a ghost? Well, I'm glad you asked. A ghost is a clump of thoughts and ideas and emotions all lumped into a being. These thoughts are usually only from one corpse, as it leaks out of the body. But sometimes, ideas could get swapped around, mixed up, and even completely lost! And after a small part of someone is lost to the world, it's impossible to get it back, with time it may R.I.P., but most of the time they just dissolve into "vibes". Vibes you can find at your local... wherever. But even if you avoided that problem, you're still a ghost, and ghosts are very possessive. And very one-track minded. This is because without a body, it can't exist without liquifying. So, naturally, it has to "stick" to the objects near it. This usually can only happen to objects of importance, but it is possible for the ghost to possess things that they've never even seen before! Isn't that cool? But the thing is... most ghosts don't even know they're dead! (Which is quite sad once you think about it) Luckily, most of them will R.I.P. before they ever find out they aren't really alive. This also means they can only repeat the actions they know they need to, sure some of them might "wake up" on their own, but that isn't very common. I wouldn't say it's rare though. It's just very difficult. The best way to describe it would be: Imagine a long stick of butter that's melting over a very cold fire, you are stuck on it and need to get out, but your legs are frozen in it. Make sure your wings aren't buttery and make sure it's thick enough to get out, but not to trap you. That is the best way I can describe it. A shorter way to say it would be "not very fun" and a longer way to say that would be "really just not fun at all". And that's all just the ghost version of waking up! can you imagine how hard brushing your teeth would be? eating breakfast? GOING BACK TO SLEEP!? no, actually. you cant. because when a ghost wakes up, they dont have to repeat a person brain anymore, and that can lead to some weird stuff happening. one of those weird things being an expanded level of comprehension, but not knowledge per say. sadly you wont just know things once you wake up. you gotta learn em'. but I have to clarify again, most ghosts are so focused on their tasks and nothing else, it's a bit like being stuck inside of a void, with a few objects in it. but not exactly

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